2 March 2010



By creating an account using the following link, your new account will thereby have the 'Bring a friend' feature, an option where by inviting people to join will get you free tokens. You usually cannot do this with normal accounts, but you can with this link. After you create your account, you'll be given your new link in the 'my account' page, which you can use to invite people. Don't know any pervy friends? Well then, use a proxy and keep joining using your new link!

5 September 2009

aww how passionate

Don't you just love these types of videos. Acting is soo fake, yet i love the sex in this scene...

6 July 2009

Boredom is boring

Quick post.

How many times have you gotten bored and decided to watch some porn to pass the time? You'd even go to the depths of a streaming website to find the wildest videos you can find...

5 July 2009

Wincest anyone?

Without a doubt, my favourite type of porn and hentai would be incest. It probably makes you think im weird, but theres something about two closely bonded people fucking each other like there's no tomorrow. Of course IRL i'm totally against this, but the taboo-ness of the fantasy makes some great porn.

Here is one great link:


All the incest you could ever need! Although the porn part is so hard to find. If anyone knows any safe links to this stuff, please let me know in the comments box!

Right, time to get masturbating again!

Jackie x

4 July 2009

What i masturbated to today.

Good evening folks! This is my new blog!

Don't come here if you're want an interesting debate. Only come here if you want to chat or if you're feeling horny. In that case, welcome!

The reason i started this blog is because i want to feel more open about my sexual life - i dont mean im a whore that sleeps with every person i see, it means i want to everyone, including myself, to be talk more freely about sex, mainly masturbation, as it's such a great thing. Anyway, to start it off, i thought i'd send a link to what i masturbated and orgasmed to today (click on the title URL). Enjoy and post comments if you like it as much as I did!

Jackie x